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V E R B A L   C O N C E R T    I N T R O

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Tropicante’s performance is synonymous with rhythm and dance!

This group, headed by Panamanian Edgar East and Colombian Karin Stein, celebrates the dance music of Latin America and the Caribbean, much of it rooted in the myriad of rhythms originally brought to the Americas by African slaves.

Get ready to be energized by the sound of popular Latin beats, which will have you dancing and clapping to the Colombian cumbia (KOOM-biah),

the Dominican merengue (Meh-RENG-geh), the Brazilian samba (SAHM-bah), and more.

Tropicante performs nationally and internationally, making toes tap and hips swing to the wonderful diversity of Latin dance rhythms.

Let's party Latin American style with TROPICANTE!  (Troh-pee-KAHN-teh)

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