Hailing from the sultry savannas of Colombia and the warm beaches of Panama, Tropicante's lead singers,  Karin Stein and Ed East, will keep you energized for hours with the sound of popular Latin beats.

You'll be swinging and clapping to the Colombian "cumbia," the Dominican "merengue," the Venezuelan "tambor," the Brazilian "samba," and more. The ensemble's lively concerts are sprinkled with first-rate musicianship, anecdotes, and humor.  Tropicante is a  perfect act for Hispanic Heritage Month or any diversity event.


Lead singer and percussionist, Ed East, is Panamanian. His upbringing in Panama City meant noise, hustle, bustle, and those chaotic smells and sights so characteristic of any metropolis. Karin Stein, his Colombian partner, brings to the music of Tropicante the perspective of her upbringing in rural Colombia.


Tropicante is a 4-musician ensemble which has traveled nation-wide and internationally, bringing smiles to thousands with its contagious, upbeat music.  In addition to its concerts, Tropicante offers a large range of educational programs.

"Top notch entertainer "  (Bayfest, WI) 

"We had a blast"  (Winthrop University, SC)